Friday, February 29, 2008

What a week!

This has been quite the week around our house. Both daughters have been here and the grandson so we have been having so much fun, laughter, etc. This does keep me away from my computer (partly because the girls were both using it for uploading photos and checking email and surfing the net). This is my excuse for not posting since last Saturday.

I also haven't really been doing any sewing though the machine was not idle. The daughter from Alaska made herself a three-tiered skirt out of a pretty batik (I got to keep the extra fabric). We also laid out all of the t-shirts I have been saving for her and some she brought with her as a start for her college graduation quilt. Now I need to finish ironing on some stabilizer and then get them all cut to size and get it all graphed out so I can put it together. It should really go together pretty quickly once I get going on it.

But first, I need to do my Spring Fling Round Robin center block.

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ROZ said...

Sounds like you've been having fun. I made a t-shirt quilt last year, and the family just love to use it when lounging around watching TV. I put a flannel sheet on for the backing.