Thursday, December 11, 2008

20 yards

This week I managed to get the rest of that gifted fabric washed and pressed and there were about 15 yards! So that makes a total of about 20! There were lots of 'double' pinks and pink and red fabrics so I think someone was going to make a Valentine's quilt. I don't think I will go that far but I think I will add either some brown or tan and put something together as I do not need that much red and pink in my stash!

Yesterday evening as I was working on sewing some more blocks made from my birthday fabric from last year I realized I was putting them together wrong so now I have to rip out what I had done so far and re-sew. Luckily I was not all done with the blocks and I don't have to rip them completely to put them together right. That will be one of my projects for today since I am not going to work with my husband as his finger is doing quite well.


Anonymous said...

Or you could make a nice pink baby quilt and call it wishful thinking. . . But if it's a boy, you just might have to hold on to the pink for a while. :) Jody

Not Lucy said...

I have other plans for that quilt.