Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A little sewing, a lot of other

I thought having an empty nest would make my life less hectic but no, I just keep getting more involved! I have always been active at church but now I am doing some math tutoring for the small private school we have at the church. For the next two weeks I am also helping with their Christmas program and during one of those weeks I will help out in the office while the principal/director is on vacation.

I also need to get the trailer cleaned out for its new occupant who will be arriving on the 14th. I just need to wipe it all down and get the cushion covers back on and get them in there and I will probably get one bed made since she arrives at 10 pm at the airport.

I also need to get my Christmas ornaments made - I know what I am doing I just need to do it! Meanwhile, I need to get the 72 log cabin blocks put together into a quilt top and I have started working on a quilt using the fabrics I got last December from my quilting/crafting friends for my birthday. I hope to have the top done by my birthday in two weeks. I have had the fabrics waiting for me where I could see them frequently and I finally came up with a pattern I wanted to use that wouldn't require cutting the fabrics into really small pieces as they are larger prints. More pictures to come as I get more done. The funny thing is I bought brown Dimples and white Kona to use with the prints and have had them waiting also but I have used some of the white for some other projects that needed white so now I didn't have enough and had to go buy some more to be able to finish it off as I want it! Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh!

Tomorrow I head over to visit the grandbabies. The oldest one has to go to the dentist for quite a bit of dental work (poor enamel) so I am going over to try to be helpful. On the way I will meet my sister for lunch and give her a couple of boxes of holly for holiday decorating. She just happens to be crossing the state at the same time I am so we will meet in the middle. I need to cut that holly today while it isn't raining and also prune the grapes some as my daughter is going to make a grapevine garland around her living room for ornaments instead of fighting with kids knocking over a Christmas tree! Not a bad plan I think except for the part where I am cutting the grapevines!

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