Monday, December 8, 2008

I need a moment to catch my breath!

I have been going pretty steady for the last week or so, especially over the weekend. Thursday I drove across the state to help out when our grandson had oral surgery. I am glad I went since I think he appreciated having his grammy there for comfort. Why is it that when you give a kid a day to just watch as many movies as he wants he is contrary and wants to be up and going? Normally he begs to watch something!

As he was getting back to normal Friday evening I got a call from his Papa to let me know that he had managed to cut his right index finger badly enough to require stitches so I headed back home first thing Saturday morning. We went back to Urgent Care to have it checked that afternoon and then spent the evening doing most of our Christmas shopping for the grandkids. Man, was I tired!

Sunday I was able to have brunch with a friend and then watched her daughter's soccer game before heading home.

While I was traveling I got some birthday presents - three fat quarters of sock monkey fabric from my niece and three pieces of Northcutt's Flower of the Month Carnation fabrics from my sister. So that gives me two more quilts to make. My grandson was quite impressed with all the fabrics and thought the sock monkey fabric should be his so I will probably make a lap quilt for the grandkids to use when visiting here out of those. I am thinking that the carnation fabric might be used for a block exchange I am doing. I need to come up with a block or colors or something soon!

This last picture is the fabrics I received in the Mini Quilt In A Bag Swap on Flickr. They came from Bronwyn in Australia and I need to use them to make a little quilt for her. These just arrived today so I don't really have a plan yet.

So this week I am back to work with the hubby because of his finger. Today he was able to do all the work but we only worked a half day. Tomorrow we have a full day scheduled already so I may have to get my hands dirty!


Gina said...

Love the carnation fabric. What a great bundle of fabrics you have to work with. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

ROZ said...

I had the sock monkey fabric fat quarters and they went into about 3 quilts, in various ways. Such a fun fabric.