Monday, December 22, 2008

Still cold! More snow!

In fact, enough snow came down yesterday that we decided to delay our departure for an extra day. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and let us get across the pass and Grammy, Papa and Aunt Rebecca will be able to celebrate the grandson's 3rd birthday a day late. He won't know what hit him - celebrating his birthday one day and the next is Christmas Eve and we will be opening more presents!

This first picture is of our old footed bathtub that someday will be a fun water feature, now nestled in its little alcove and full of snow. We got about 10-11" total I think. It is quite beautiful but with all the hills and trees around here things can get a bit messy!
This second picture is the setting sun shining on our Monkey Puzzle Tree. It is the same age as our son (well, we have had it that long but it was a tiny little tree (about 1" tall) when my parents gave it to him for a birth gift almost 19 years ago. It has been planted in this spot for 16 years and is now at least 20 feet tall I would guess. I looked out my sewing room window as I was doing my ironing and saw the snow sparkling in the setting sun so I had to go out and get a few more pictures. If you like snow pictures, you can see more here.

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LauraJ said...

I mean seriously is this snow ever going to stop? Oh in about 4 months! ACK!