Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are having a white Christmas over here in Eastern Washington! Each day a little more snow. Since our daughter lives at the top of a dead end hill the road is a bit dicey, even with 4-wheel drive but we don't have a lot of driving we need to do. We opened our presents last night as our SIL is already off to work this morning at the hospital.

Our 3 yr. old grandson got a little practice opening presents the night before for his birthday so he was doing a great job last night - even helping others open theirs. Our 5 month old granddaughter liked all the excitement too and thought the wrapping paper was pretty tasty!

Today will be pretty low key around here. Lots of playing with toys and visiting. Probably some eating will be added in there too!

Hope you and yours are enjoying a beautiful and fun holiday season!


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