Friday, December 19, 2008

Time on my hands?

Not exactly! I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off, that is, until yesterday when the snow just kept a-comin'! We ended up with about 3-4" which I know doesn't sound like a lot to those of you who live in places that get snow all the time. But, you have to remember that we live in an area with lots of hills and lots of trees on those hills and we don't get a lot of snow so we don't have a lot of snow plows so the roads don't always get cleared. So, all in all, it can get pretty ugly, pretty fast!

My week started with a busy Sunday including church, a Christmas party and a trip to the airport to pick up our daughter and her cat. They arrived around 11 pm so we didn't get to bed until about 1. We were all up before 7 and after a quick breakfast of oatmeal the father/daughter appliance repair team was on the road.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I helped with the Christmas program rehearsals at the small private school at our church. The program was supposed to be last night but was cancelled due to the snow. And the kids were just getting good! I am not sure if they will end up doing it after the new year or not.

Tuesday night was craft night so I made a German Chocolate Cake (my absolute favorite) to take over to celebrate my birthday one day early. The daughter came along and worked on knitting her second slipper. I received this lovely gifts. I already have a plan for the charm pack and yesterday I put together the puzzle.

These two fabrics were my birthday gift from my daughter. She got them up in Alaska and I love the colors and the salmon design. The ideas are also circling my brain for this fabric. There are two yards of each so I think I will make a new quilt for our bed. The jar is Sitka Rose Jelly from, you guessed it, Sitka AK. It is pretty tasty - we cracked it open last night at dinner.

Yesterday, as I said, I got to hang out in the sewing room and watch the snow fall. The results of my day there is 5 minis ready to have their bindings hand sewn on. The minis are my Triptych, Plain Jane and Favorite Things swaps for December. I hope to do the hand sewing today and maybe even get them to the post office if the roads aren't too bad.

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