Saturday, December 27, 2008

The snow continues...

Each day a little more falls. We all piled into the Suburban or 'Burb' as my husband calls his beast and headed out for a little shopping yesterday. We didn't really buy much but it was nice to get out.

We are enjoying spending time as a family all together for the first time in 2 years. The grandkids are a lot of fun. The 5 1/2 month old has found her voice and gives you her opinion of things every once in a while. I think she might be an early talker like her mom. The 3 year old is a busy guy. Keeps all of us busy! He got a kid sized snow shovel yesterday so we will let him burn off some of his energy today shoveling the snow that has come done over night! We need to do some work in the back yard so our little poodle can find a place to do her business! She is not so fond of snow touching her belly as she walks!

I have gotten some hand sewing done while here. I order some more of the "Recipe for Friendship" after my birthday and it arrived a day or two before we left. In the package with my order was a little pack of ten 1.5" squares of a fabric line (can't remember the name of it). They were so cute but not enough for something on their own so I added 6 more squares of some fabrics I had in the scrap bin and added some sashing and borders of another fabric from the scrap bin and made a mini quilt - all by hand. I will share pictures when I get back home to my camera.

I also have some Christmas-y grandmother's flower garden 'flowers' that I am appliqueing onto Christmas fabric squares that I will put into a quilt sometime soon. I was going to use the 'flowers' as my Christmas ornaments one year but didn't like how they were going together so I aborted that project and made something else. Now they will be repurposed into a quilt. I am hoping to get the hand sewing done on this trip and then I can get the quilt together when I get home.

We are possibly going to be bringing our grandson home with us to give his parents a little break since they are tentatively planning a trip over in a few days to visit some friends. The weather will be the determining factor I am sure.

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