Monday, November 19, 2007

Halfway there

I finished the first of the two little quilts yesterday. It turned out pretty well though it is fairly stiff. I think it is because I don't think the fabric was pre washed. I am torn - should I wash it before I give it to my friend or give it to her and she can wash it if she wants to. I am leaning toward the second option. Here is the quilt that these leftovers came from. I thought the back turned out quite well also.

I got started on the second little quilt yesterday also. It was inspired by this quilt by Jeanne. Once again I didn't look close enough so I made a miscalculation that might lead to me having a second little quilt. Hopefully I will be able to post a photo of that one tonight or tomorrow.

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Knitted Gems said...

I must admit that I always wash my quilts before I gift them. Yet, of course, that is because I am trying to remove all of Jake's hairs from it. No matter what I do, his hair seems to find its way into everything.
PS. I tagged you on my blog.