Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Thank you all for your supportive comments! After Rebecca's comment and a quick re-read of my last post, I sound like such an over-achiever! I don't feel like one though. It seems to me that, technically, you have to be trying to be an over-achiever. I don't try, I just sew a lot! As I have said before, it is my therapy and I am pretty sure quilting is still cheaper than counseling!

Here are my two latest achievements. They are about 16.5" square and are birthday gifts for a couple of friends. I hope they like the colors I chose for them. I got the pattern idea from here. It is a pretty easy pattern but you do have to do some thinking in the planning and pay attention as you sew it! I do want to point out that I used all scraps for the quilt except for borders, backs, batting and binding which all came from my stash.

I had a great time with my little grandbaby this weekend. The adage "If I had know how great grandkids were I would have had them first" was proven once again! When he arrived I got a 10 minute hug! He wouldn't let go even to switch hips! Then following his 6 hour drive over here (with no sleep) and a short half hour break at the house, he chose to come with Grammy to run some errands and was a little angel! Between visits I always wonder (read worry) if he will remember me when we are together again and each time I am pleasantly surprised. I think that as grandparents we instantly love that little child, even before they are born, but when you only see them about once a month it is hard to be sure about whether the feeling is mutual. I think I got enough reassurance this weekend to last even two months!

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