Thursday, November 8, 2007

Not much left!

Yesterday I finished the top of the grandson's twin size quilt. Today I made a pillowcase to match and cut the binding and then used up the rest of the fabric for the back. Well, almost all the fabric, this piece is what is left over. Figuring out how to get those pieces together without cutting them up too much seemed to take almost as much time and planning as making the whole quilt top. My sewing table is almost completely cleaned off so I think I will work on getting this project basted so I can get it off the WIP list! Besides, then I have a Christmas/birthday present all finished.

Speaking of Christmas, I think I have that all figured out. Our oldest daughter and her husband already got theirs, I know what I am getting for the second daughter but that will be ordered and shipped to her in Alaska later and the son gets to go to New Zealand for a year so really doesn't need anything more! I have most of the supplies for the Christmas ornaments that I am making this year so I just need to get going on that. I am in pretty good shape - well, gift-wise, anyway!

I am now the owner of an iMac. It isn't too bad though I would never admit that to my son! I have quite a bit moved onto it from my old computer but still have a bit more to do. I am taking my time so I can sort through the stuff I don't really want anymore.

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