Thursday, May 29, 2008


Here it is! My Border Round Robin Quilt! WooHoo!
I am very pleased with how it turned out. This round robin was started back in 2005 but it has been worth the wait.

i did the center Christmas Tree using 1 inch squares - yes, that means they finished off at 1/2" - of Xmas fabrics.

2nd - Rebecca, my second daughter, did the 7 little red and white packages with top-stitched ribbons and bows - all on my 1926 Singer Bentwood 99 sewing machine that she had in Alaska at college.

3rd - Brita, my niece, then 12, did the prairie points across the top of the tree.

4th - My sister, Karla, did our childhood address - 4320 S Holly St. up the left side.

5th - Jane made 7 pretty ornaments down the right side.

6th - Teena made a log cabin floor.

7th - Jill added two red and green wavy borders (there were enough packages and balls - you had to be there)

8th - Mariah, either 12 or 13 at the time, hung 6 stockings down the right side.

9th - Sarah added fussy cut Xmas fabric triangles to the left side.

10th - Deb added some curly ribbon top and bottom

11th - Mary added paper pieced Santas, with flannel beards, on each side (the pom-poms are in a baggy for after quilting) with 4 embroidered blocks in the corners that say "Making a List", "Checking it Twice", "Going to find out" and "Whose Naughty or Nice".

12th - Linnea provided Gingerbread Boys and Candy Canes. The banners the GBs are holding says "Quilting Is My Passion" ~ Alicia Wells (one of my mottos).

13th - Cindy hand appliqued candy canes between squares on point for a border on each side.

14th - Nadine framed Santas across the bottom.

15th - Sally framed Santas across the top.

16th - Katie, my niece, strung Xmas lights across the top. They don't actually have their 'strings' yet so maybe strung is the wrong word but they are twinkling up there. I did have to take her row off and turn it right side up - she carefully cut and pieced all the trees in one direction but then sewed it on upside down.

FInally, it is my turn to finish it off. I am thinking I will add a green strip across the bottom to balance it out first. Then I will address the unstrung lights. I haven't decided if it will be hand or machine quilted but once that is done I can add those little pom-poms and maybe some button ornaments to the tree and maybe it will be ready for Christmas this year! But don't hold your breath!

More pictures are on my flickr site.


Hoffrooe said...

Who gets the beautiful quilt? I love this idea of a round-robin by the way. I have been wanting to try to think of something that I could do with my little old quilting aunts who live far away from me and a round robin might be a fun project, something I can turn around and give them as I don't know if they ever receive quilts though they are always giving them!

Not Lucy said...

This one is mine! I get to keep it! We each chose a theme or color or whatever and made a starter and then it travelled through Washington, Idaho and Montana and got various borders and was returned to the original person. You can see more from this round robin on my flickr.

Marie said...

The quilt looks amazing! It is so endearing that many of your family members were able to participate in creating it.