Saturday, May 3, 2008

Progress on the Road to Jericho

Last night I worked on the second 16 block section of Ludvina's Legacy (see April 12 and April 22). I have it about halfway done. I hope I don't lose momentum on this one as it would be nice to finally finish this project! I am enjoying doing this handsewing while watching TV.

Yesterday afternoon I also did some more work on my Road to Jericho blocks (again see April 12). This morning I finished up the 9-patch squares for the center of 41 squares. I also counted out the pieces I have cut for more squares so I know how many black squares to cut. Here is the tally for this quilt:

Finished squares - 65
Partially done squares - 41
Cut squares - 35
Total squares - 141

Still not sure how I will use these squares but I could make a queen size with 99 of the squares and then the remaining 42 could make a nice little lap quilt. That sounds like a good plan to me but things do change!


Anonymous said...
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ROZ said...

Keep up the good work.