Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I realized yesterday that I haven't posted in nearly a week! That is pathetic! I have no excuses! I will try to do better but make no guarantees!

I did have a busy weekend with some fund-raising events for our Relay for Life team. We had a great time Saturday evening playing Bunco and such an easy fund-raiser. The best part was having lots of teenagers there having fun with us old folks! I am glad we are only three weeks away from the actual Relay for Life event. The week after that is high school graduation on Friday with a party at our house on Sunday. Then there will be a few weeks to get things together before the new grandbaby arrives.

I have been making some progress on various projects but nothing exciting. I am working on the fourth 16-block section of Ludvina's Legacy. I have figured out how I am putting them together and hope it will turn out well. I counted out all my little squares and think I will end up pretty much coming out even with my planned design.

I have a couple of secret projects I am working on that I am just not telling anyone about so I don't accidently let something slip to the wrong person. I really hate keeping secrets about things I am working on!

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