Friday, May 2, 2008

Something to show

So I am guessing that you all were thinking that maybe I had found a new hobby besides either quilting or blogging. Or maybe the weather has improved enough that I have spent every waking moment out in my yard. Well, none of this is true, especially the weather part!

Here is a picture of my main project the last two weeks - the second border on this Spring Fling Round Robin quiltlet. I really felt it needed something that wasn't too busy so I decided to add the various yellows and then some flowers. I think it turned out pretty well. I need to get a back ready for it and then get it in the mail to the person who will be quilting and binding it. I will then just have to wait for someone to send me the one that I will be quilting and binding. All of these little quilts are turning out so cool that it is hard to decide which one I want to quilt and which I want to come live with me.

This adorable quilt came to me from Lucinda through Doll Quilt Swap 3. She was worried that I wouldn't like it!?!?! What is not to like! I still haven't heard from my partner that she received her quilt from me. I hope that means that it really is snail mail and not that it is lost. I might have to come up with some ideas in case I need to replace it!

I have done a little out in the yard. Today I did some mowing. I brought some peonies home from my daughter's house and I got those planted around my wishing well and got that bed cleaned up. Now, after 3 days, they are looking like they might just make it.


Anonymous said...

Your applique is very pretty, and I love the quilt you recieved, so original-the design and border!

Chelsea said...

You may want to consider delivery confirmation...

Both are really cute. What will you do with the chair quilt?

Marie said...

I love the chair quilt you received in the swap. It's so original and folksy.