Friday, May 16, 2008

Much to do

Look what arrived in today's mail! It came all the way from Norway and is my final step in the Spring Fling Round Robin. (sorry about that - the photo does not want to load so I will try again tomorrow. I have posted it on flickr). This one is truly international as it started out in Italy. The backing fabric came with it and I must do the quilting and binding and send it to its permanent home.

I am continuing to work on my Ludvina's Legacy quilt. I have the four large sections done and this evening I will be starting to work on putting them together. It is going together surprisingly fast considering it is all hand-sewing. I think that this weekend's project will be my offering for the May 6" - 12" mini quilt swap. We are trading directly with another quilter and my partner lives close enough that we plan to meet somewhere to do our trading.

I have been taking advantage of the nice weather we are finally getting here in Western Washington. I have been cleaning out flowerbeds and today I got the first row of strawberries weeded. It took 3 hours! I went out at 7 this morning to beat the heat since they have been predicting up to 90 degrees. I think it is only going to get a little over 80 but it was nice to come in when it started warming up knowing I had gotten a good piece finished. I hope to do the same thing tomorrow and get the second row taken care of also.

Today I took my car in to have it looked at by the insurance adjuster. I don't think I mentioned that my 4 month old car got damaged in a parking lot incident a couple of weeks ago. Luckily, the other guy's insurance agreed that it was his fault so they are going to pay for the repair. It will go to the shop next Wednesday and they will even pay for a rental car which will make things much easier.

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