Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Feeling Good!

I finished all the green on one side of the house!!!!! Tomorrow I will do at least the first coat of trim on the windows and french doors. If it isn't too hot I will do the second coat but it is supposed to be pretty hot tomorrow so we will see. There is a 4 hour wait between coats so by the time I can paint again the temperature is too high. I will probably work on one of the ends of the house with green. I have about 1/4 of one end done already just using up the paint from my bucket a few times. I am really liking the paint. It might be just that it looks so much cleaner and fresher than the old paint but I think I like the green really well. We are also thinking we will really like the deck roof painted white. It is much brighter especially at night.

I also made banana bread today - we had 4 very ripe bananas so I made 4 small loaves. Two were made with honey so hubby can eat some too. I am taking one loaf over to craft night tonight because they always complain when I talk about making something and they don't get a sample!

Speaking of craft night - I have lots of show and tell with the swaps I have received and those i have ready to mail. My project tonight is Ludvina's Legacy. I got one side of the border on today and hope to get the other three sides done tonight. That would be so exciting to have that done!

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