Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Yes, the roof is done! I am so jazzed about that one!!! After finishing that I did the eaves above the first wall I painted and then after a little break I started on the walls on the deck. Didn't get all the way around because I was pooped and besides it was sprinkling so I couldn't paint anymore! On top of that I need a couple more brushes. Since we are not paying someone to paint the house I get to buy whatever brushes make the job easiest for me so I am going to shower and head to the store to get some. Maybe I will stop at DQ and get me a blizzard - I do deserve one!

Started sewing a quilt today. I am not sure who or what it will be for but I just felt like putting some pieces of fabric together and it can't hurt to use up scraps! I started putting 2 inch squares into 4-patch blocks which I am putting together with 3.5 inch squares into bigger 4-patches. I will either put them together like this little quilt or add sashing between the larger 4-patches. It depends on how I feel when I get a few more done!

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