Saturday, August 2, 2008

It sort of feels like I didn't get much done today but only because nothing is really finished! Yesterday I pieced the back for my SIL's quilt and today I got it pin basted and then decided to go ahead and do some machine quilting. As I went along I decided I would do as much machine quilting as I can in the ditch and then in the larger space I will do some hand quilting. It is going pretty well and I look forward to getting it done and ready for her visit in September.

After that, I felt like I should do something outside so I picked what was left of my raspberries and then cut back the old canes. It is now ready for a serious weeding and then we need to put in new posts and some wires to hold it all up next year. There are a lot of new canes that will have the berries on next year!

Hubby painted the metal bed frame for me today so maybe tomorrow we can get it moved into the house and decide whether we need a box spring or not.

Yesterday I tested three different green paints for the outside of the house. Yesterday I had decided but the hubby wasn't as sure. Today he came to the same conclusion I had yesterday so tomorrow I will go and get the paint while it is on sale. I will need to get in gear and start getting the painting done. There is some primering and then I will probably be doing two top coats on the whole house!

I have been working on the borders for Ludvina's Legacy and I have one put together and have started on the second. It is going pretty quickly so I hope to get them done and on the top so I can put that away for a while.

Oh, I forgot to add that I received my little quilt from sheila in Australia in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap Summer edition. It is just lovely and came with lots of wonderful goodies including the cutest little bag with lots of great embellishments.


sMC said...

glad you liked it. Not sure where you got the Mary from. But it does happen to be my middle name lol.
Waiting to see the bed.

Not Lucy said...

Sorry about the mix-up. I was in a hurry and didn't look closely at the label and the Mary caught my eye. The bed should be ready for its next photo op tomorrow.

susan said...

its good when you can agree on something like a color. i am notoriously horrible when it comes to deciding that! the little quiltie you got is so yummy, i like the block thingys, so neat. lucky you