Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pretty Mini

If you have heard the weather reports for the Pacific Northwest the last week or so you might wonder if it was October and not August! We are getting a bit more rain in these here parts for this time of year than usual. On the one hand - I don't have to paint, but on the other hand (she had a wart! - I know, bad joke but one my dad used to use all the time -ooops! I shouldn't have said that because now I remember that he has been gone for 16 years today and I am welling up!)... on the other hand, I can't paint and that last side of the house is not the prettiest. It started out yellow but we tried one green color last fall to protect the new siding and didn't like it and I also tested another of the greens we didn't like on that side. So, like I said, it isn't pretty! I am hoping for a nice September!

Yesterday I did get several hours of mowing in with Miss Lucy in her carrier. Got rid of all those 'pretty' yellow flowers on about half of the grass (read weeds). Today while Lucy got prettied up I took care of some things at the church and on the way home I found a package in the mailbox! It came all the way from Lori in Florida and held this pretty little quilt. Isn't it great!?!?!

We are heading out tomorrow to see the grandbabies (and their parents and uncle) for the weekend. We are taking five whole days! I plan to take the laptop and camera so I might get a chance to post some pictures and thoughts!

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susan said...

oh pretty quiltie! hmmm i am starting to see a color theme here!!!