Monday, August 4, 2008

One more arrived

Today was a good mail day - I received my mini quilt from laurajay in New Brunswick! Isn't it cute! It is 3-D even!

I picked it up on the way to the paint store to spend lots of money that equates to lots of work for me! I bout 18 gallons of paint for the outside of our house. And that doesn't count the primer I need to do first. I got started on the primering today and got the bare siding done on the deck side of the house. There is a little bit more primering to do on siding but lots more to do the deck roof which has been waiting for 6 years to get done!

Yesterday I got more quilting done on the SIL quilt and I put the binding on since the rest of the quilting is either hand quilting or not close to the binding. So far things are going well with the quilting. I have started working on the handsewing of the binding and also tying off the tails from the quilting.

I couldn't add pictures for some reason yesterday but when I tried again this morning it worked! As an update - I finished the binding on the SIL quilt so now I can figure out the rest of the quilting!


susan said...

i couldnt tell what color you are painting it, the yellow?? i am into yellow these days, well at least that color yellow. we are painting my moms kitchen that yellow. i would love to see the swatchy thingy. and good lord woman, 18 GALLONS of paint! yikes!

Not Lucy said...

The yellow is the old color that we chose 16 years ago!!!! The white is all the primer. The final color will be green with white trim. I will post more pictures as there is progress!