Friday, August 8, 2008

Well, people, I feeling pretty good about what I got done today, paint-wise. I did the second coat of green on the wall and then finished my primering since the 'boss' brought home another gallon last night. And then I did the second coat on 20 of the deck roof squares and then used up the white I had poured on first coats. I now have 30 with a first coat!

I did get started on my SFRR2 center square last night. It took most of my time to figure out what I wanted to do. Then I did my cutting and got a start on the sewing but I was just too tired to continue. I am nearly finished with the hand sewn mini for August as of last night so things are going pretty well on that front.

Now I need my shower and some food!


susan said...

oh good for you! you must be so pleased, that is such a big job.
it looks great. what is the name of the paint? i find sometimes that helps to realize what it really should look like. because it seems the true color never shows up in pix

Not Lucy said...

The green is called Haven from Sherwin-Williams. Doesn't say much about the color but hopefully about our home?

susan said...

oh i like the sound of that, haven..hmm