Saturday, August 9, 2008

Too damp to paint

I am getting a reprieve from my painting due to damp weather. There was some rain overnight and they say we could have more today which means the humidity is too high to paint. Instead I spent the morning in my sewing room and got my center block for Spring Fling Round Robin 2 ready to mail. And because I ended up with extra pieces from that and I liked it so well I decided to use it for my other mini quilt for August. You are just getting a sneak peek of one of them here because we are not supposed to show the whole thing for SFRR2 this time. This is because participants were allowed to include preferences so one might recognize one's quilt before it arrived and spoil the surprise factor. I didn't really give any preferences because I am not too picky so any of them could be mine!!!! But it is hard to just to a sneak peek all the same. The mini is basted and ready for quilting so I hope to get the part done this evening and then maybe the binding tomorrow so it is ready to mail with the SFRR2 center and my other mini which I finished yesterday.

Now it is time to get in the shower and do some running around.

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