Friday, August 22, 2008

Going Green

Here is the little quiltlet I received from Jane in Australia for Doll Quilt Swap 4. Isn't it beautiful?! It is all Japanese fabrics that her brother brought her. Thank you again Jane!

The weather is finally warming/drying out a bit so I was able to paint for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and hope to get out there fairly early this morning. I should be able to finish the first coat on one end of the house and then move on to the next side. I should have the end finished this weekend along with a stretch of the front side of the house. They are predicting more rain for this week so we shall see how much painting gets done.

On the up side, the weather has allowed me to get the quilting done on the baby quilt and I am now embroidering all the ropes holding all those balloons to their baskets. I am over half done but there are a lot of balloons/baskets on that there quilt!

Yesterday I also got a center block from the SFRR2 that is begging for its first border so I will need to look at doing that soon. I might sneak it in between finishing the baby quilt and working in earnest on the SIL quilt.

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susan said...

i admired this one when the pix were posted. lucky you. and i think it makes it that much more special that her brother brought her the fabrics.