Thursday, August 7, 2008

Progress and a little quilt!

Here it is - the new color of our house. If you don't like it please don't tell me - it is hard to choose a paint color. We are happy with it and hopefully will remain so as long as we live here! It really looks better in person. This side gets the afternoon sun so it is hard to get a good picture. I gave this one coat today and also got the first coat on 22 1/2 of the 90 roof sections over the deck. It was just getting too warm this afternoon to paint anymore. I hope to get another coat on the wall tomorrow and maybe the first coat on another 22 1/2 sections. If it doesn't get too warm I might even do more.

This is the little quilt I received in the Small and Scrappy Exchange. It is from Susan. This isn't a great picture either! The backing is Little Red Hen fabric and so cute. With this quilts arrival I just have 2 more out there from last month that I am waiting on. There will also be a center block for Spring Fling Round Robin 2 coming soon and I need to get mine made and in the mail in the next week! I think I might do that this evening - at least the making part!

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susan said...

i am happy you like it
i wasnt sure about the hen fabric but it seemed appropriate...chickenfoot