Thursday, August 14, 2008

Three in a Day!

Figured I would add a quick post now while I still can. My daughter called earlier to tell me that her brother was heading home for a few days. She off-handedly mentioned that she had considered sending my grandson along which I immediately jumped on so within an hour or so they should be here. She is feeling a little guilty sending him off but it is a win/win situation for all. She and SIL get to spend some quality time together on his three day weekend with the new baby, GS gets to be spoiled by his grandparents for three days and Papa and Grammy get lots of time with their favorite little boy. No guilt there!

I got all the trim around the deck painted with two coats including the french doors so I am feeling good about my day's work! I took all the painting stuff off the deck so it seems pretty normal out there.


ROZ said...

have fun with your family. Painting the house--what a big job.

susan said...

yea! win win!!i know you enjoyed it