Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Monday

We had a fairly busy day today which is normal for Mondays. It was a beautiful day which is frustrating since I know I need to get things done outside and when I got home I just didn't have the energy to work outside. It is supposed to be nice this weekend so maybe I can get some weeding done so things start looking better.

I finished another top yesterday so that brings it up to 7 and the next one is close to being done with the 9th one started. I look forward to having the tops done. Today one of our customers told me about Long Arm University. A place in Renton that has 4 day workshops on long arm quilting. I am kind of thinking about going in the fall to see if I feel comfortable with that aspect of quilting. The class I went to last year was a joke and didn't really help me any. I shall have to save my pennies (and dollars) for that one!

I did go outside for a little yesterday. Did some digging so I could plant the hollyhocks that I got at Costco.

Tomorrow night is Craft Night at Sally's - Woo-Hoo! Always fun even if I don't really get anything accomplished. I think I will bring some scraps to sort through so I feel like I did something worthwhile besides just chatting and laughing!

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