Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Getting Back to Normal

The company is gone. It is just the three of us again. A little quiet but we will get used to it. Towels and sheets are washed and put away, quilts and pillows and mattress are back where they belong.
I got the day off and the weather was nicer than I expected so I did a little mowing. Nice to get the first cutting of the spring done on some areas. I also got Becca's taxes checked over and ready to mail, organized my pictures on the computer, uploaded photos and even made dinner and three pies. Now I have my feet up and we are watching some shows we have recorded - DVRs are amazing things.
Rebecca is still stuck in Kinder, LA. First a broken spoke so a wheel needs to be ordered, then the wheel is late, then it is too big. So frustrating for her. Hopefully she will have resolution soon so she can finish up the last third of her trip.
I do miss that little grandbaby, though.


Rebecca said...

The wheel was adapted and sawed and now fits... yay!

Not Lucy said...