Thursday, April 19, 2007


Jakob commented yesterday that the water in the shower was awfully hot. I hadn't noticed it until I took my shower yesterday. We alerted the appliance repairman and he made a service call this morning and condemned our water heater. It seems to be leaking into the thermostat and causing it to overheat. Sounds like we will be replacing it tonight. We figure it is 15 years old so that isn't so bad - a pain, but not so bad.

In other news, I got yesterday off and got to have lunch with Vicky. I even was nice and picked up Jakob from school. On our way home we got caught in a hail/thunder shower. Very LOUD!!! I also got another denim top done so that is 4 of the last 10 for this year's graduates. I keep plugging away.

Talked with Becca last night. She had a rest day yesterday. She did some figuring and she is on track to make it all the way to St Augustine as long as she has no major delays. It is just three weeks till we are in Sitka with her for graduation. Pretty exciting - our first college graduate (I am sure I will get nasty comments from Chelsea but I haven't seen that diploma!). Now I don't want anyone pointing out that Oli has graduated, I know, I was there for the graduation but not for the birth!!!

Bruce is liking his clean home and the new food/friends. There are only 6 of the 11 fish left and one of the remaining is missing parts of his/her fin. Those of you who have watched Rebecca's video of her little turtles can rest assured that her babies are fine, NO TURTLES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THAT VIDEO, she caught them when they dove off the mail box.


ktdodat said...

Trying to scald your little boy... rude!

Buy the way, when is our Chevy's date?

Chelsea said...

First, I am not angry, just saddened. Saddened by my own lack of progress.
Becky is keeping those turtles? Probably not right?

Not Lucy said...

Do not despair Chelsea. You have provided a grandson and I know you will finish your project and thesis. She hopes to keep the turtles but we shall see.

Not Lucy said...

My little boy is capable of turning more cold water on if the water gets too hot. I am not the one in there adjusting temps, I don't think he would be happy about that one!
Not sure about Chevy's. My usual hairstylist is on leave of absence until the end of May so I have to figure out if I want to wait that long or not.