Friday, April 20, 2007

I don't think I did any sewing today! That is quite strange for me and I am not even sick. I did get some things cleaned up this morning and then there was work and after work Jakob reminded us that we had not had our monthly dinner out (his birthday dinner didn't count). So we went out and had dinner and then stopped at Jo-Ann's so I could use my 50% off coupon that expired today. I bought a whole roll of 90" wide Warm and White! It is huge. The boys were quite impressed. I wish they carried the 124" wide stuff but they don't so I will have to use this. I am guessing it will be mostly gone by the end of May when I need to have the denim quilts done and the other auction quilt.

If the weather is good tomorrow I will head outside for some weeding and mowing and maybe roto-tilling if I am really feeling frisky.

Rebecca is still on the move. She is nearly out of Mississippi according to the message I received through Jakob (not the most reliable message-taker in the world). That will leave two or three days in Alabama and then she will be in Florida.

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