Friday, April 27, 2007

She has seen it, so I can post it

When I got home today there was a voice message from Deb. She said there was a beautiful red and white quilt top hanging on her design wall and this is it. It turned out so well. I am particularly pleased with my part of it which is the seven ladies doing their chores for the seven days of the week. Their dresses and bonnets are appliquéd and the rest is red work embroidery. When I was given hers to do my part on it I looked through my old embroidery patterns for something that could be done in red work and this was the only one I could find but it was perfect. The red square in the lower right corner next to the Saturday lady says "or just quilt everyday" which would be my philosophy! This means that there are now just 6 more round robin quilts to be finished. Mine is one of them and I am excited to see it. Mine was a Christmas themed one.
Deb also let me know that she has finished quilting Rebecca's round robin quilt and it is on its way to me so I can get the binding on and take it to Alaska for Rebecca's graduation. My shop hop quilt isn't quite finished so that will come in a few days.
Rebecca was in Tallahassee yesterday so she is making great progress. I am so looking forward to seeing her in a little less than two weeks.
Well, I need to use my time wisely and get another denim quilt done so I guess my machines are calling me!

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