Saturday, April 14, 2007

Finally a clean home

No, it isn't my home that is finally clean - I don't think it will ever be 'really' clean but it is Bruce who finally got his tank cleaned. It is not my fault his home has been a bit messy, it is all his fault. We bought him some goldfish as friends/food way back in October or November and he finally ate the last one on Thursday. I told him when he ate the last one I would clean things up for him so I followed through. We do want him to trust us. Anyway, it is nice and tidy and we even added red glass 'rocks' for him to move around. He looks happy, doesn't he? He will get more friends/food soon also.
Last night I had a great time at Lori's place. Karen is now a Body Shop representative and we did a facial/make-up Girl's Night Out. There were just 6 of us including Rhianna (Karen's second daughter)and lots of great snacks and a few bottles of champagne (ok, we made it through 7 but whose counting?). No, we didn't contribute to the delinquency of a minor, Rhianna had sparking cider!
Today, is my Rebecca's 22nd birthday! I am hoping she is feeling much better and is getting ready to hit the road again if she hasn't done so already.


Chelsea said...

You drank a bottle of champagne and then drove home?

Not Lucy said...

You make it sound like I drank it straight from the bottle. We did use glasses! and I didn't drive all the way home. Karen didn't drink as much and it was over the course of over 6 hours with food involved. I just drove home from Karen's house (near LaPorte's) and I wasn't feeling the effects anymore.

Bruce said...

Fish are friends, not food.