Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crisis averted

It turns out the old water heater was leaking for awhile from the upper element onto at least one of the thermostats. The new water heater is in and working. No missed showers! Yahoo! Since it lives in Jakob's closet we had to pull everything out of the closet and take down the shelves so the Great Room is a mess. The mess will have to move to our bed tomorrow since Doris will be here to clean things up. I am glad she is coming the day after we moved the water heater out and not the day before!
I am close to having the next denim top done but didn't quite make it tonight. I will have to finish it tomorrow and maybe another one also. That would be great - three-fifths done!
The weather is supposed to be good this weekend so I am hoping to get some more flowerbeds cleaned up or maybe the garden or maybe make a new raised bed or maybe...
But for now it is time for sleep!

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