Saturday, April 28, 2007

A pretty day

I got another top quilted and have the binding on. Finished the first one totally last night! This afternoon I worked in the yard - tied up the raspberries and weed-whacked the berry garden (maybe I will roto-till tomorrow) then I cleaned out flowerbeds and watered everything. The beds don't look too bad considering I haven't done much so far this year. The lilacs are starting to bloom so I will have to pick a bouquet for my table tomorrow. I needed a day like today to get me inspired to get out and get things cleaned up and improved. I see lots of projects to work on so I need to start spending lots more time out there!

Talked to Rebecca last night. It sounds like things are going very well and she has only two or three more days of riding left - less than 200 miles! Wow!

Now we are off to the Luther Center dinner and auction. I can see how much my quilts go for and might even bid on something for myself.

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