Saturday, April 7, 2007

Spring snow?

Yesterday we celebrated Jakob's 17th birthday with dinner at Puerto Vallarta - probably his favorite place because of the fried ice cream. Last night he didn't have to clean his plate to get it though because he was the birthday boy and he got free fried ice cream once he sat through their birthday song and being fed a bite of ice cream and whipped cream by a waiter - oh, and don't forget the cherry on top! Evidently it was worth the embarrassment!
Today I feel kind of lousy with a cold or allergies or something. Not lousy enough to stay in bed but I feel kind of like a zombie! I did manage to get bread dough made along with bunny roll dough. I also boiled up the eggs and got them colored (yes, there was the ceremonial dumping of the dyes all together down the sink at the end). Most of the eggs and most of the bunny rolls will go to church for the Easter breakfast tomorrow morning though the boys will need some here too.
The weather outside matches my attitude today - gloomy and drippy! A big change from yesterday when the temps were close to 80 degrees! The rain is making the pear blossoms fall like snow from the trees outside my window.
Rebecca had a good day yesterday - she finally made it out of Kinder, LA. Not that it was a bad town, she just really wanted to be moving along.

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