Monday, April 30, 2007

Silver Linings

Today we were fairly busy at work and barely made it home in time for me to do the roto-tilling before it started raining. Part of the problem was getting the tiller started in the first place. Larry gave it a new carburetor but it still just isn't too excited about starting. We are thinking it might just need a new engine but it is old (somewhere between 15 and 20 years now) so do we want to put the money into it? It still tills nicely so we shall have to think about it.

We got a call about 2 pm our time from our little girl. Rebecca has officially made it to St. Augustine! Her friend Raven should have picked up to hang out for about a week before she heads to Sitka for graduation. So it took her exactly 3 months to go about 3000 miles across the country on her bike. Have I mentioned that I am very proud of her? Did I have to?

When we picked up the mail today I had a box from Deb with Rebecca's round robin quilt ready for the binding. I got that on it but had a denim quilt to finish the hand sewing on so I will work on Rebecca's tomorrow. I also got the next denim top sandwiched and ready to quilt so I might get some or all of that done tomorrow also.

I don't want you think think I am not proud of my other two children so I will tell you a little about them too. Chelsea and her wonderful husband, Olaus, have been working in their front yard this spring and have made a retaining wall and 5 raised beds to grow vegetables. The beds look quite nice even if they do take over our parking spot in the front yard! They are also the parents of my most precious little grandson, Layden, who I just can't get enough of.

Jakob is my 'baby'. He is working hard at school and in the process of applying to go to New Zealand next year as an exchange student. It will be hard to let him go but on the other hand we get the house to ourselves a year earlier! One always needs to look for the silver lining.

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