Sunday, April 29, 2007

Getting older sucks!

I have another denim quilt totally done and another close to done. That will be three. I worked outside again today and now my body complains about hand sewing! Bed is sounding so good. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully, at least one more top quilted and ready to hand sew!

Had fun at the dinner and auction last night. My quilts went for $90 and $180 so I am pleased about that. I only won one silent auction (I actually only bid on one so that works out well) for a bunch of gardening stuff. I used my new gloves, kneeling pad, trowel and pruners today. The gloves are great! I finally found some that I can use for pulling weeds. Besides cleaning up a good bit of flowerbed today I also did an initial roto-tilling of the lower garden. I used the big tiller and later this week I hope to use the small one to break it up more. I also mowed some of the hill so things are looking pretty good.

Rebecca is in Lake City tonight and heads out at about 5 tomorrow morning for her last 90 miles. Her friend will be picking her up at the end of the ride so she has to finish those 90 miles for sure.

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